The BEST of times. ♥

Usually, unless it’s Christmas, Mondays have that tendency to make everything go wrong. I actually thought that maybe November 1st might be different. It was the day festival started.

I packed the night before, because I hardly ever get the chance to sleep in. I figured, hey..if I pack tonight, and I don’t have to leave until 11 tomorrow morning, I’ll get to sleep in till at least 9:45. Yeah. That didn’t happen. I packed. I fell asleep. Mom came barging in at 8 a.m. saying “Gooood morning!!!! Festival starts today! Your dad got the day off work, so we’re gonna do some errands on the way to festival! Rise and shiiiiiine!!!!! Get out of bed! Why are you still in bed?” All the while these thoughts are going through my head “shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up. shut up.” Needless to say, I rolled over, gave her a death glare and then collapsed back onto my pillow. She took the hint and walked out saying “Get up soon!”

As if THAT isn’t enough proof that Mondays have a hit list and I’m always on the top…I had been waiting for a messenger bag to arrive from Kmart for about 35 days at that point. Monday, the 1st, was the arrival date. It’s like Christmas morning…you sit there and stare out your window. But instead of waiting for Santa’s sleigh, I was waiting for the oh-so-glorious UPS truck to appear at the end of my street. So I sat there and waited. and waited. I finally figured I should take a shower before festival…so I did that. It was about 9:00 a.m. at this point…and we were about to leave. I had to have this bag for festival. So I sit there and stare out the window praying that God would by some miracle allow my house to be next on the UPS dude’s route. And then the dog starts barking. I hear an engine. I glance out the window. UPS TRUCK! AHHHHHH! I almost think mom was more excited than I was. Moms are cool that way. Mom ran out there and came sprinting back in. With a pitifully small box. I stare at it while my heart’s hopes and excitements are slowly but surely going down the drain. I looked at mom and dad and was like “Um. Kind of a small messenger bag, huh?” and dad was like “Well. Maybe they like crammed it in there or something.” Thanks, dad. So I took a knife and opened it. It was a tshirt. I’m pretty sure I’ve never felt hatred to the extent that I did in that moment. Dad burst out laughing. I felt like you would feel on Christmas morning if you opened up every single one of your presents, and all there was was math books.

So my Monday continued to be, well, a Monday. We left even EARLIER than planned to stop by Kmart on the way to festival. The lady was a christian, and she was like “Oh! I’m so sorry!” and we got a full refund.

After that, my Monday started slowly turning around. I got to festival, almost broke my neck hugging my friend who I haven’t seen in months..which now that I type makes me realize what was wrong with my arm…okay, you don’t have any clue what I’m talking about, so I won’t get ahead of myself. Overall, the day improved after the whole morning scenario…but then there were the little things that would happen where Monday would peek itself back into the room and be like “muahaha, it’s still Monday. I wanted to make sure you didn’t forget!” Like…walking around campus and feeling extreme pain in your foot, to look down and realize that..oh my word. My ankle is bleeding. Gotta love new shoes. And then getting the most massive headache of your life. Monday night from 9:10-10:00, we had an ensemble rehearsal. Which normally I love. But my feet were swollen, and there’s the massive headache I mentioned my back hurt. And I was exhausted. So it wasn’t the best rehearsal.

I had really amazing roommates. Jessica was the crazy, fun, loud, obnoxious-but not to the point of weird, amazing, hilarious one. She majors in culinary arts. Amber was the sweet, down-to-earth, amazing one who majors in elementary education. Sharon is the adorable, little cute one that if you had to compare with an animal, you’d compare her to a tiny kitten who purrs sweetly a lot. That didn’t sound that weird in my head. Anyway. And Katie is the smart, intellectual, beautiful, nice one that majors in nursing. I kind of forgot what Sharon majors in.. haha. But they were soo amazing. I wish I had gotten a picture with them. But I do have a picture of all 4 of them. Sharon’s on the left in the white, next to her is Amber in the pink. Next to her is Jessica with the brown sweater, and then Katie on the right with the flower dress. 🙂   

Okay. Funny story. So my roommate, Katie, is a twin. But on Monday night, I was not aware of this fact. So I walked into Bettie and Lydia’s room to tell them that I was there, and then I see “my roommate” standing by their mirror. And I was like “Oh. hey.” and she was like “um..hi..?” and I was like..ok..weird. And I left and went to my room..which is right next door to theirs. So I walk in, and I see Katie. Standing by OUR mirror. and I was like “ did you get in here?!” and Jessica was like “what the what?” and I was like “Katie..weren’t you just next did you get in here before me? and how did you change so fast?” and she was like “Oh! You must’ve seen my twin, Kelsi!” and I was like “Oh, thanks for telling me you have an identical TWIN.” hahaha. We all burst out laughing. They’re both nursing majors, too. And they’re sophomores..and they have an older sister who just graduated..and she’s a nurse, too. 

Tuesday. Tuesday was literally exhausting. It was so much fun…but by the end of the day, I was about to collapse. Oh yeah! Tuesday was the day my arm almost fell off. At around lunch time, my arm started to hurt so bad. I’m not just saying that. It literally killed. I had flinches of pain traveling all the way from my neck to my fingers on my left arm the entire day. It was awful. It was like someone was electrocuting my arm over and over again. And then by the end of the day, my arm wouldn’t move. I tried to wave to people, and it just fell limp next to me. Dutch Blitz was virtually impossible. So here’s where I praise Becca Talbert. That girl is amazing. She stood there for half an hour and I don’t even know how she did it, but she somehow massaged my neck and shoulder, so they stopped hurting. And my arm started functioning again. Sure, it hurt off and on again through the rest of the week and even on Sunday…but it was never as bad as it was on Tuesday. So that was a frightening experience.  Our ensemble sang on Tuesday. That was so nerve-wracking, and I don’t know why. As we were walking up, I had so many energy rushes. And just so everyone knows…after we received the judges forms on Thursday, we honestly have no clue how we made it to finals. The only thing we can figure is that the judge hated the rest of the ensembles a lot more than he hated us. The only GOOD thing he said about us was on our facial expression…and that wasn’t even whole-hearted. “Bravo!- but does it match the song?” Yes, I do believe in constructive criticism..but you gotta have some encouragments with that, or you’re just gonna come across as MEAN. Which he did. Just saying. We sang it better in the fine arts building than we did in finals…so it’s no surprise we didn’t place. I was hoping we would, though. Oh well. It was so much fun. These past 2 and a half months of practicing were SO fun. We made so many good memories and had such amazing times. I honestly don’t even care if we won or was so much fun. I can’t wait to see the picture of all of us. 🙂

Wednesday was another crazy day. Running around campus trying to not miss anybody’s performance. Our ensemble sang again at 1.

There’s so many more details that I could tell you…but I’m fairly certain it would bore you to tears.

I’m gonna email Pastor Rush and ask him for the picture of our ensemble group. I’ll post it as soon as I get it!

dream out loud.


2 responses to “The BEST of times. ♥”

  1. heidi says :

    awww!! i love it. the story about the twin is the bomb-sauce. and so was the story about monday.. and your arm.. post more! 😀

  2. kaylene says :

    aww.. festival.. good memories! 😀

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