I have been going through severe writer block the past few days. I sit down to write a post, and I start typing, get 2 sentences typed, realize they’re totally stupid, delete them, and log off. It’s awful. My mind has been drawing a complete blank. But this post must be completed (or at least started..please at least get started) before Thursday. Since I’m feeling desperate, I’m not going back on this round. This might just be the most idiotic post you ever read. Bear with me.

Thanksgiving in my mind is the best holiday. I know. “*GASP! WHAT ABOUT CHRISTMAS, YOU HEATHEN?!”

Thanksgiving holds so many traditions for my family. It used to be all 5 of my siblings and myself would be together on this day. Sadly, we haven’t been together for 5 years because of, um, issues. But we still have those pictures from when we were little. Or I was little. I was a baby. April was like 28 by that time. But that’s beside the point. Those are the good ol days for me. The traditions that we used to have included playing hide and seek, drinking eggnog, WATCHING THE MACY’S DAY PARADE. Okay. Let me just interrupt this train of thought to say my feelings about the Macy’s Day Parade. The Macy’s Day Parade is one of the year’s most important events to me. When it starts, and my family and I hear Al Roker’s and Matt Lauer’s voices come on saying “Welcome to the MACY’S DAY PARADE 20–….”, we grab our eggnog and scatter around the living room, shut up, and turn up the volume. It last like 4 mom doesn’t stay for the whole thing cuz she has to cook..but believe me. The rest of us are glued. It’s like, the most amazing thing ever. We love that parade. When people say “What’s the Macy’s Day Parade?”, I look at them and say “I’m sorry. . .did you have a childhood? Did you ever live? Are you alive right now? There’s no way you could have made it to your age without knowing about the Macy’s Day Parade.”

Okay, random rant about the Macy’s Day Parade is over.

Anyway. Thanksgiving traditions. Recently, like 3 years ago, my sister April and I started a new one. Every summer, Pixar releases a new movie in theaters. It usually comes out on DVD around the beginning of November. The rule is everyone has to restrain themselves from either 1.) going to see it in theaters 2.) running out to the store to buy it until the day after Thanksgiving, when we all sit down in the living room and watch it together. We did it with Ratatouille (it’s taken me years to spell that right.), Cars, and UP.

This is where the sad part starts. This Thanksgiving is going to be very lonely for me. It’s the first one I’ve spent with only one sibling. Every other Thanksgiving in my life, I’ve spent with at least 4 of them. But sadly, due to the series of events that has taken place in our family, it’s just gonna be me, dad, mom and Ben. BUT, next year at this time…we will have 3 new people joined to our family. 🙂 Robin’s pregnant, Cindy is adopting, and Andrew and Jill will probably be married by that time. So this is the hardest part. Next year, this year will be worth it.

So if you’re one of those blessed, blessed people who gets to have all of their siblings together very frequently, please remember to not take it for granted. I would literally give anything for all of my siblings to be together this Thanksgiving. We haven’t all been together in years…and I miss the random chatter and laughter and the WEIRD, weird things that are said when they put all 6 of us in the same room. Sure it scares the heck out of all the other people in the room, but it’s special to us.

I know you guys probably bicker with your siblings, and have the usual fights..but never, ever let that get in between you. Someday when you’re all grown up, you’re going to miss them. I guarantee it. And if you’re going to be with them for Thanksgiving this year, get a picture together. I know you’ll treasure it someday. 🙂

live fearless.

One response to “Thanksgiving.”

  1. Heidi says :

    😦 i get most of my family for thanksgiving… but christmas, it’ll be just me. no sibs. 😦 so i feel your pain. 🙂

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