I’ve always been horrible at titles.

(Paragraph regretting the year and a half lost to having no inspiration to write.) 

I was sitting in my room this morning contemplating life. I’ve been doing this a lot recently. As I get older and the whole moving out of the house, getting ready for college, getting a job, becoming an adult thing starts happening, I’ve started thinking more. My thoughts used to be “Oh, that thing is on Saturday. Mom will be doing that, dad will be doing that, I will be riding in the backseat and then when we get there I’ll hang out with my friends while my parents do everything.” and then at some point it evolved to “Oh, dad wanted me to do that one thing for him.” but I was still riding in the backseat. And then it evolved more to “Oh cool, I get to drive to that place with dad sitting in the passenger seat and when we get there mom will need my help with this.” And now it has reached the point where it’s “Okay, mom and dad are staying at home and sleeping in, and I will be driving myself to this place and they have charged me with a list of things to do and it’s completely up to me to see that it gets done.” 

And to be honest, this new responsibility terrifies me. It’s super exciting, but it’s terrifying. 

And it causes me to have to think through things a lot more. Yeah, I could drive to Atlanta for the day with friends, but then I’d have to use half of my paycheck for gas, and am I really ready to depart with those hours of work? And then I’m like, but hey, I only have so long to be in high school, heck yes I should drive to Atlanta for the day with my friends. But then I’m like, oh wait, dad is depending on me to help pay for college. 

And there are just all of these factors that 10 year old me never even considered, because they were never even an option. 

I can’t believe I just wrote all of that based on the line “I was sitting in my room this morning contemplating life.” 

So anyway, as I was sitting in my room this morning contemplating life, I started thinking about my growing up years. I started thinking specifically about the people who impacted me growing up. Not the ones who were way older than me who influenced me, no, the people who were right there with me and grew up with me. I started thinking about the memories that my friends and I have shared the past 11-12 years of our lives. 

I’m just gonna write out a few stories that I still smile about, and these are the ones I’ll probably share with my future children, and they’ll be like “You’ve told us this already” and I’ll be like “IT’S SENTIMENTALLY IMPORTANT TO YOUR MOTHER, YOU CAN LISTEN TO IT AGAIN.” 

So it all began when Kaylene and I were children. I mean, we’re still children, we’ll always be children, but at this point in time we were like 8 or 9 years old. One of us came up with the idea to “pull a prank” (We were 8 year old white girls. Just keep that in mind.) on her brother Thomas by pretending to be his secret admirer. And one thing that you have to admit as you read this account, is that we were all in. I mean, we left all of our cards out on the table. We were in this thing. We were very good at accomplishing things that we set our mind to. So we went all out. We were leaving him notes at his work, on his truck at random places in Greenville, and the thing that probably weirded him out the most was that he would find them in random places in his home. So I’m sure he knew that one of his family members were in on it. Looking back on it now, I’m sure he probably knew it was us the entire time, but we were too excitedly giddy to be aware of that. Maybe he was convinced that some girl in the youth group had a major crush on him. I dunno. All I know is that when it came time on Christmas Day for Kaylene to finally break it to him that his little sister and her friend had been writing him notes for 3 months, it was the culmination of our young efforts, and we were proud. 

And I’m still proud of our feat. 

Here is an ironic part of this post. I meant to have more childhood stories in this post, but mom just walked in and reminded me that I am taking a test for my college history course in an hour and a half, and I need to get ready for it. It’s called a cruel irony. (Like my dependance on YOU.) If you don’t get that……. google it, and then go watch the movie and culture yourself, you uncultured human being. 

So I must go get everything ready for my test….. I’m super confident about it, which usually means I fly through the test and end up with a good score, or I end up over thinking every question and consequently end up with a bad score. But whatever happens happens. I’ve been learning that a test grade does not define me. It’s a harder lesson to learn than you might think. I mean, sure, if you get a D on a homeschool test it sucks, but wait until you get a D on a college test. Then your brain explodes with horrible disappointment and distress and you start thinking that you have no future and your whole life is bleak for 48 hours. YOU THINK I AM JOKING, BUT I AM NOT. 

Moral of the story: Study for tests, kids, but never study the morning of. You will only confuse your brain and make yourself more nervous. 

I hope this post brought a smile to your face……if it didn’t, I am so so so sorry that you wasted your time. I think this post was more for me than it was for the reading audience. 

May the odds be ever in your favour. 😀 

One response to “I’ve always been horrible at titles.”

  1. heidi says :

    ABI WORDS!!! how I love them. good post.

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