This picture made me laugh so hard I was having convulsions. hahahahaha…maybe this is just my kind of humor and y’all are gonna be like “..dude that’s not even funny.” but I found it absolutely hysterical.


6 responses to “hahahaha…”

  1. Tori Wiginton says :

    mom and I can’t figure it out……..

    • abiwillis says :

      I would laugh…but I’m always the one who never understands jokes and everyone else is like “you’re so stupid abi..” and yea.
      Okay. Someone told the dude that he should be nice to spiders..so he went to pick it up so he could carry it outside to set it free and then the spider did what you see in frame #3 and he was like “heh heh…just gonna go..you know…burn down my house..with the spider in it..”

  2. Heidi says :

    hahaha. 🙂

  3. em says :


  4. abiwillis says :

    hahahahahahaha yay! em understands my weird sense of humor!!

  5. em says :

    hahaha. you know it.

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