Finally getting started.

Hey guys.

This is my first solo blog, and I’m really excited about it! There will be times where I’m standing there, and I’ll have a thought or an idea..but I don’t have anywhere to write it. And then there’s the times where something immensely exciting happens, and I just want the whole world to know as soon as possible. That’s basically what this blog’s going to be about. I’ll probably post a few times a week about random stuff…and I hope you can get to know me even better by reading this.

live fearless. ♥


8 responses to “Finally getting started.”

  1. Kaylene says :

    this is a sweet blog, hun! and i’m one of the first to comment.. or am i the very first that would be insanely cool!

  2. abiwillis says :

    You are the first one to comment. 😀

  3. abbyl2stay says :


  4. em says :

    i love you! ❤
    so glad you started this blog. 🙂 it's another way that i can keep up w/ you! i mean, i know we e-mail all the time, but you know what i mean. haha.
    miss you soooo freaking much!!

  5. em says :

    oh and by the way, the background and the whole ‘live fearless’ thing is SAWEEEEEET. i love it:)

  6. heidi says :

    oh. my. WORD. this blog is SO COOL.

  7. Rainbow says :

    Awesomesauce, girly! I’ll be checking back often~ Love you loads.

  8. Kaylene says :

    yeah for being first!

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