exploring the new church. what part of it exists, anyway. :D

Tonight after Teen club Hannah, Tori and I decided to explore the new concrete slab thing that is the foundation of our new church. We probably weren’t supposed to be out there…technically…maybe…I have no clue. Someone told me Pastor Minnick let people out there so ANYWAY we decided to do it. And I had my camera with me. We had so much fun. Tori was like “HEY GUYS LET’S DO THIS AND THIS!” 😉 and Hannah and I were like the logical, practical ones like “Tori…we’d have to pay so much money if that went wrong.” hahahaha. it was a blast.

I had gone up there about 20 minutes earlier with Sierra and Sara and we got locked up there. It was kind of scary at first. Sara and I came up with literally 25 ideas of how we could get down. We were like ‘Okay, there’s a ladder leading up to the courtyard…that looks very insecure but if worst came to worst we could do it and OH we could go all the way around over there. It looks muddy…but I guess. And OH we could go down this way but what if that snapped? Yeah..’ and so we went through tons of different scenarios trying to figure out what would be the best idea and we had like keys, phones, and camera and only 2 pockets so we were like…whatever we choose can have no climbing. So Sara and I are up there like discussing all this and then Sierra shouts and we’re like where’d Sierra go?! and she’s like down by the fence and she’s like “I just jumped.” hahaha. and we were like “oh.” so she climbed the fence and went through the lower lobby and let us back in the building. But hey. It was an adventure. Even though Sara and I stood in the same place the whole time. haha. I didn’t get any pictures when I was w/ them so this is all of Hannah, Tori and me.

Okay the 3rd picture in this gallery…it turned out kind of blurry. It’s cuz we were standing like 100 feet away from the camera and it’s like pitch black out there except for street lights and anyway. What it’s supposed to be is, Hannah Tori and I were standing under the huge generator that was being held up by the crane. And we were pretending to be scared that it would fall on us. so squint and try to imagine that even though it’s zoomed in and blurry. 😀

One response to “exploring the new church. what part of it exists, anyway. :D”

  1. Heidi says :

    paha. awesome. and the part about sierra just jumping down made me laugh.

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