My summer, from beginning to end.



I’ve missed blogging. But I’ve been so busy with summer stuff and school starting that the internet has faded into this mystical world that I hardly ever get to travel into. So here is a post that tells you about my awesomesauce summer.

I think I already told you about the campout…yeah, I did. The campout was the start of the summer and then it got much more crazier.

At the end of May my brother moved out. Mom and dad drove him up to Virginia and were there for a few days, and Ben was at work from 7 a.m.-midnight..(He was doing other stuff too, but the point is I never saw him either.) so I had a lovely few days with the house totally to myself. Now I know that sounds super awesome but let me tell you..after 24 hours of no human contact I needed to hear a human voice just to be sure there were still people on earth. haha. When you’re by yourself, you don’t talk out I had just walked around the house and except for the occasional times when I’d blare music over the stereo it was silent. So they left on a Thursday and on Friday at about noon the phone rang and I gracefully sprinted to it and I picked it up and there was this foreign woman on the other end asking me if I wanted to buy a credit card. but still. haha. So those were a fun couple of days. Especially because I ate junk food for the first day and by Friday I wanted real food and I didn’t know what to make and the good thing about being all alone is, even if the food you make turns into an utter disaster and even flies don’t wanna eat it…no one knows it but you!!! and you can just gingerly dump it into the trash can and pretend the whole thing never happened because as far as everyone else knows, it didn’t.

Not that that happened or anything.

But when dad and mom came home on Saturday night I ran out to the car and was like “HI GUYS HOW WAS YOUR TRIP WHAT’S UP DO YOU WANNA MAKE DINNER SO HOW DID ANDREW LIKE HIS HOUSE WHAT’S UP!!!” and they both just looked at each other like…what the?

That all happened the weekend that the church picnic was, by the way. I seriously considered calling someone and asking them to pick me up and take me back from the picnic but I thought of it at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday morning. so.

Alright so after that fun weekend I had the most boring two weeks of my LIFE waiting for camp to finally get here.

Camp was absolutely amazing. That was the most cliche thing you’ve ever read, huh?

But it really was! First of all I expected to be in a cabin with no one I knew. I asked to be with Ally and then she moved to Chicago so that didn’t work. But anyway, so we’re sitting in the fireplace room at the Wilds and our lead counselor came up and started reading off names and cabins and she was like “Kaylene Brooks, Heidi Barnett and Abigail Willis” and I was like “NO WAYYY!!!!!” haha. I had a slight freak-out moment. We had a super cool cabin. We got there and everyone was kind of silent for the first hour cuz we were all shy and stuff and then we started talking and they’re some of the coolest girls I’ve ever met.

Weird thing that happened…Kaylene’s and mine counselor from our 7th grade year at the Wilds was Emily Sowers..and she was the lead girl counselor for the red team (we were on red again.) and on Friday Emily did God and I time follow-up for our cabin instead of our counselor and I was sitting by Kaylene and we were like “…whoa. this is a huge flashback.”

I end up saying this about every week of camp I go to, but this was the best week ever. There are vast differences between Peniel and the Wilds…and I had so much fun last year bonding with my youth group at Peniel, but the week at the Wilds was really fun cuz you get to know tons of new people. So whenever 7th graders ask me if I like Peniel or the Wilds more, I usually end up trying to describe to them how both camps are SO awesome and I wish we could do one week of each every summer..and they usually end up staring at me like “freak.”. haha.

ANYWAY. The week after camp was the one week I had off this summer and I woke up on Monday thinking I didn’t have anything to do…and mom came in and was like (in one of those panicky, no-hope-left voices) “Abi we have to do crafts for the 2-4 year olds for NBS so we need to go to Walmart and buy *lists off literally 90 different things* and then we need to come home and color all of this and glue all of these and cut these and. . .” and first of all, let me just say that the coloring thing? I had to color this globe with colored pencils, and it seemed simple so I finished one and I handed it to mom and was like “here.” and started walking off and she was like “Um, you realize you have to do 120 more of those?” and I was like “UM, You realize that one took me 25 minutes?!” and we both looked at each other like…this is going to be the absolute craziest week of our LIVES. So we spent literally every hour of that week doing stuff for crafts…and yeah. It was quite the week.

On Thursday and Friday of that week I had Cola Wars canvassing..and on SATURDAY..ANDREW VISITED! πŸ˜€ He was here for the 4th of July. He got here on Friday night at around midnight and on Saturday morning I woke up at about 10 am and I walked into the living room and dad was cooking breakfast and mom was reading at the table and Andrew was playing around on my guitar and Ben was blaring super loud music and I was like…MY FAMILY IS HERE! and it was a super special Saturday. (OH. I just learned about alliteration in English…and that was like the best one that I’ve accidentally done.) anyway. My family kind of has these obsessions with Star Trek and fireworks. and a lot of other things like Back to the Future and hot dogs and Florida and anyway GETTING BACK TO THE POINT. So on Saturday night, even though the 4th wasn’t until Monday, we had a Star Trek marathon and we launched off huge fireworks. And we (my brothers and I) launched roman candles out of our hands. You’re supposed to dig a hole for them in the ground but we held them and MAN words don’t describe how scary that is. I guess it’s a pretty normal thing, but every time another thing shoots out of your hand it jerks it and I had like 400 adrenaline rushes. Andrew took a video of me doing it, so I’ll see if I can figure out how to upload a video on here.

The next week was actually Cola Wars so on Tuesday night I went canvassing again and it was pouring down rain the entire time and they gave us umbrellas..but it’s pretty much impossible to open and close an umbrella in a car, plus we were out and in of the car about 30 times and it would’ve been a mess. Let’s just say it was an interesting night. Oh, and on Tuesday night I walked out of the room to where our driver Natalie (Josh Perkins’ fiance) and PR were standing and PR was trying to explain to Marly about Poe Mill because that was the neighborhood we were going to and he was like “I have no clue where Poe Mill is.” and I made the mistake of saying “I know where that is. It’s right in that direction.” and PR was like “yes! Abi knows! Natalie, she’ll just direct you everywhere.” and in my head I was like “ohhh crap.” and I was like “I know how to read a map but I don’t really know how to get around in that neighborhood…I’ve never actually been there.” and PR was like “you can do it!” and let’s just say…we got minorly lost? That’s a good simple way of putting it. hahahaha. In our defense it was pouring down rain and none of us had ever been in that neighborhood before.

Pretty much all of y’all were at Cola Wars…so I won’t go into all the details, but I was on Dr. Pepper and we were in 4th place every night and can I just say that I go all out every year for my team, whether it be at camp or cola wars and I’m halfway through the youth group and I’ve never had the joy of winning? hmph.


The week after Cola Wars was NBS! πŸ˜€ This is my 3rd year working in NBS and I’ve worked with the 3 year olds for the past 2 years and this year I decided I wanted to do something different because I’d never gotten to see what happens out there because I’ve always been either in a classroom or working in a classroom. So I did registration and refreshments. Registration was super easy just because I did 4 year olds..and the only 4 year olds that come are church kids. EXCEPT for Tuesday night. Somehow on Tuesday night three 4 year olds snuck on the bus and they didn’t know anything about themselves. I’m sitting there asking this kid what his first name is and I’m being sweet and smiling and I’m leaning in real close and he yells to his sister “HEY SIS, WHATS MY NAME AGAIN?” and Cheryl Baker and I look at each other like “oh great.” so we spent 20 minutes trying to get 3 first names out of these kids and don’t even get me started on their last names. We finally just gave up and sent them to the auditorium, but listen to me bus workers…if you ever have the say about whether or not a kid comes on the will feel the registration workers’ wrath if you let a 4 year old on. haha.


Refreshments was really fun. πŸ™‚ We went to the field house every night and it was me, Anne Sterr and a bunch of middle-aged women..hahaha. but it was a blast. haha. Mrs. Smitley, Mrs. Vincent, Mrs. Maher and I all had one table. And I’m sure everyone knows…FRIDAY WAS CRAZY HAT NIGHT. hahaha..that was so much fun last year and it was even bigger this year. Andrew and I schemed together on Monday and we decided to have everyone wear blue shirts and crazy hats so after much spreading of the word and waiting I showed up on Friday night and I get out of my car and walk up the outside side stairs of the church and I immediately saw 5 guys wearing blue shirts and huge hats and I did a mental “yessss…” and then I walk into the middle level and I see at least 6 more guys and I walk into the kitchen and I see more random people that I didn’t even talk to and then I head upstairs and I see more people and I was like “SUCCESS!!!!!” and another amazing thing about Friday was like 65 degrees and super windy and it was absolutely gorgeous and I wore a hoodie and it was like November weather in the middle of July. I loved it SO much.

The week after NBS was spent shopping for volleyball camp and I had an orthodontist appointment that was SO painful and SO long. It was about 2 and a half hours long. 😐 I had a cleaning and then they sent me back to the actual dentist dude and he checked for cavities (none. woot.) and then they sent me to this random lady to clean glue off the back of one of my teeth from my braces and then I finally went to the orthodontist lady and she spent 45 minutes putting chains all over my teeth and by the time I finally got out to my car I was practically in tears because my mouth hurt so bad. It was not a lovely day at all. And I couldn’t eat food for 2 weeks. Which made volleyball camp super weird. SO YEAH.

Volleyball camp was the next week. I got there on Sunday afternoon and I brought enough snacks for 4 girls for the week..and I show up and I only had one other roommate. haha. and SHE brought tons of snacks we had this huge mountain of food and we were like “hmm..” but seriously, having a huge dorm room with only one other girl is super awesome. We were in Creel..I don’t know if it was because there weren’t 4 college students in the room with me..but this room seemed infinitely larger than the one I stayed in for festival last year in Mack. Across the hall from us were 2 rooms that had volleyball girls in them. So every night they came over to our room and we had a huge party with tons of food and it was so much fun. πŸ™‚ Oh and I got to tye-dye a tshirt for the first time on Thursday. But the actual volleyball days were torture. We were in the gym from 9:30-11:30, 12:45-4:30, and 5:45-8:00..and we had to do tons of drills and laps and it was quite grueling. But I learned so much. It is currently aggravating me that I can’t play volleyball with anyone until the next youth activity that we play volleyball at..which is either the white elephant or the D.U. so. anyone wanna get together and hit the ball back to me? haha.

I started school on August 1st and that ended the summer..which is bittersweet. I’m so excited to finally move up to senior high. But I know by next summer I’ll have a job and this was probably the last summer where I won’t have a job and so except for this Christmas break…my childhood freedom is almost gone. 😦 *waves goodbye to childhood*

Alright. I shall talk to you guys later. Sorry again that I didn’t post for months. I’ll get back in the groove now that summer is officially over.

–the video is too big and isn’t in the right format for me to upload it. Just try to imagine me freaking out holding an explosive firework stick in one hand. hahaha.

Here’s a pic of my cabin at volleyball camp…

and here’s a pic of my volleyball team… (the girl on the very left of this picture is the girl I told some of y’all about. She’s hopefully gonna be on the tv show “The Voice” this season. πŸ™‚ She’s the one 2 down from me.)

and here’s a pic of all of us volleyball girls πŸ™‚

4 responses to “My summer, from beginning to end.”

  1. Heidi says :

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. that was a great post. i was grinning really big at the screen and then i accidentally closed the page and my face died at the sudden disappearance of that which i was so delighting in.

  2. em says :

    daww. girl sounds like you had a baller time this summer! anddd pretty sure i love reading your posts, cuz i love the way you write(: you’ve got some skills, chica. tehee. love & miss ya.

  3. em says :

    OH! and btw, i know Kamri Payne!! she is awesomee she goes to HP& she also went there for school. and i know london, too! (is that london miller next to you?) and i also know Joanna! (the girl in your cabin i think?) haha. so yea. that was completely random.

  4. abiwillis says :

    We all loved Kamri πŸ˜€ We split up into 2 groups for our drills every day, half went with the guy coach and half with Kamri and everyone always immediately walked towards her. haha.
    YES that was London! She’s so hysterical. I love her so much.

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