I hate algebra. and science. and I’m not too thrilled about history, either.

“Everybody’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it’ll live its life believing it’s stupid.” – Albert Einstein

I read this quote today and it put into words what I can never explain.

When I do algebra around people (like my brothers and other family members), they start the regular speeches like “It’s not THAT HARD.” and “Dude, it’s simple.” and “Why can’t you understand this!”. And to be completely honest, it’s not an act. I really don’t understand it. It usually takes me 1 week or 2 to catch on to a new concept, and if you’ve taken Algebra you know that there’s usually a new concept every day. So I’m usually behind the lessons. Like, I’m doing them but I struggle through each one. SO. Before I get on a random angry rant about Algebra and it’s tortures, I’ll move on. haha. I can really get going on this if I let myself.

And then there’s Science. Does any 9th grade girl really understand levers and pulleys? Andrew explained it to me once, and it all made perfect sense for like 5 minutes. And then when it came time to take the test I was completely lost again. So yeah. Science isn’t my strong point either.

I am pretty good at history, but I don’t really enjoy it. I love learning about American history and our forefathers and the civil war and all that stuff. It’s really interesting to me. But I can’t stand world history, with all the different countries and it just confuses me.

So the point of this post is, if someone read all of that about me, they’d probably be like “This girl is stupid.” and hey, I’m not saying I’m not stupid, but I have strong points. One of them is English. I love writing, I love grammar, I love learning new stuff about our language. So even though I’m not good at Math or Science, I’m good at writing. I love writing stories and poems (little known fact about me. haha.).

I’m not sure why I wrote a post about this, but I had to write about something and like I said, when I saw that quote it stuck out to me.

So if you’re bad at algebra like me, I’m sure you’re perfectly wonderful at something else. 🙂

3 responses to “I hate algebra. and science. and I’m not too thrilled about history, either.”

  1. heidi says :

    haha. did you get that from quotsy on twitter? i love that… tweeting.. person. and that quote. its shplendid.

    …. i thought you were pretty good at algebra, at least, compare to me. 😛

    i didn’t know you were an english person! or maybe i did, and i just forgot. *bad friend award*

  2. em says :

    i completely suck at algebra… and i’m SO terrified to take algebra 2 next year! :/ my teacher is going to be a man named Mr. Collins… and according to my other friends who are in his class, he doesn’t explain the concept at ALL. he just writes it all out on the board and expects us to understand it. YUCK. :p

    yay for being englishy!!!!! i love writing too its my favorite part of school (:

  3. mylittlejoys says :

    I ADORE algebra. …..sorry, hahaha. But I get this sense of accomplishment that nothing else can give me whenever I complete an algebra problem. That’s why I love doing them, even if I’m not required to. …..YES, I DO ALGEBRA FOR FUN. SUE ME, HAHAHAHA.

    Anyway! You’re awesome, Abi ^^ And your writing is great. YAY YOU.

    Love ya! (:

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