Sort of a pet peeve. Or something like that.

OKAY. Rant time.

I call everything coke. If I am referring to Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer…ANY sort of carbonated drink, I refer to it as COKE. It’s all Coke. “Hand me that coke.”

I don’t know why. I’m gonna assume it’s because I grew up with it. My mom grew up in Ohio and therefore calls it soda. After a long, hard childhood of this, my brothers and I finally broke her of it. But nothing, not even people calling it soda, annoys me as much as people calling it POP. My dad was born in Nebraska but grew up in France for most of his life and then moved to New England, and then to Texas, and then to Pennsylvania until his family finally settled down in West Palm Beach, FL. Therefore he is thoroughly confused on these matters. But don’t worry, he calls it coke too.

So now the point.

When you are standing in the kitchen with your mom and she’s carrying in groceries, she says to you “Please go out to the car and help me bring in the groceries.”

My mother says this to me and guess what? We don’t own a car. We own a van. THIS IS THE SAME BASIC CONCEPT, PEOPLE. Just try to work with me here.

People try to find argument with my calling it all coke and I’m like “Dude you have an SUV (or van or jeep or assault vehicle or whatever) and you call it a car. It ain’t a car. I call my mountain dew coke and it ain’t coke. GETTTT OVVVERRR ITTTT.”

So I don’t know if this would be labeled as a pet peeve or what, all I know is that if you walk up to the counter and be like “Hey it’s pop!”…..there are no promises that I will not smack you where you stand.

(This was all said with love. Sort of.)

One response to “Sort of a pet peeve. Or something like that.”

  1. heidi says :

    hahahaha. i don’t like soda, or pop, and even though they do basically all taste the same.. i can’t do coke either. i have no idea what to call the stuff. maybe i’ll just start saying, “hmm, i’ll have some of that carbonated beverage, thank you.”

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