To start out, this was the weirdest campout I’ve been on yet. Not bad weird, just different.

Usually we get there and leave within 10 minutes, this time we were there for like half an hour or more before we left. We also met by the warehouse and FH instead of the middle level (obviously…cuz the middle level is gone. lol.) so that threw off the feel of everything.

Then we usually use a big bus, but there were less than 15 of us so we just took the small bus.

Then we get to the campsite and we played like 10-15 minutes of the usual round-robin games..but we usually do those for like EVER. Am I the only one that remembers being out by the lake playing like an hour or more of games and we all want to go swimming SO so bad but we have to play games first? haha. That didn’t happen this year. We were done in 15 minutes and PR was like “free time!”. OH and it was a different campsite. We went to a different one for my first 2 years.

Anyway. The whole thing just felt really different. But it was SO MUCH FUN! I’m serious. It was amazing. On the bus ride there, we bus surfed. haha. because we were using a small bus we were all smashed up next to each other and it made things really interesting. haha. plus I was videoing it and hence I fell down like every single bump and turn. haha.

OH MY WORD and there were Hannah’s stories! hahahaha. Hannah had this endless amount of jokes and stories..and they were quite disappointing. πŸ˜‰Β  I don’t think she’ll mind if I copy down the story she told. Here it is how I remember:

There was a boy who was 3 years old…his parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he replied “A bucket of green golf balls.” His parents looked at each other and were like “Well, that’s nice sweetie, but we really think you should have something else.” So they bought him a toy truck. On his 4th birthday they asked him again what he wanted and he replied “A bucket of green golf balls.” and his parents were like “heh heh, maybe for your 6th birthday.” So his parents come up to him on his 6th birthday and ask “What do you want?” and he says “Well, I really want a bucket of green golf balls.” So they’re like “..what?? little boys like cars and trucks and things like that!” so they bought him new toy cars, and he really liked them. So he keeps getting older and for his 10th birthday the parents are like “What do you want for your 10th birthday?” and again he replies “Well, I really really want a bucket of green golf balls.” So since he was in boy scouts, they bought him a really cool knife and he really liked it, too. And then a few years later on his 16th birthday, they ask him what he wants and they’re expecting like a car or something cool like that and again he replies “I really, REALLY want a bucket of green golf balls.” and they’re like “Wow.” and so they end up buying him a car. So about a week later he’s driving around in his car and he gets in a really bad wreck. So he’s in the hospital and his parents come rushing into his room and they’re like “We’ll give you anything you ask for! Anything!!!” So he’s lying on the bed and he’s like “..I really want a bucket of green golf balls.” and they’re like “Okay!! We’ll get you green golf balls! You’ve been asking all your life and we’ll get them for you now! But, tell us, could you tell us, why you want a bucket of green golf balls?!” and he’s like “..well I really wanted them because”…. and then he died.

The whole bus was silent and we were like “REALLY. REALLY, HANNAH?!”

And then once we were depressed from those stories, we played catch phrase! πŸ˜€ We started out all formal with like every other person on a team, and then the whole bus joined in so everyone guessed for every word. It was super fun. πŸ˜€

The lake was awesome. We had an uber cool team even though we lost every game. haha. We were Team 3 and all the other teams had like 10 or more points and we had 0. haha. but we had sooo much fun. It was Cole, Carl, Sam, Josh Rush, Johanna, Ruthie, Heidi and me.

THE CANOE RACE. Usually we have the canoe race a few minutes after dinner but the wind started picking up during dinner and the lake was seriously crazy. There’s a picture below and I don’t know if it looks like it, but the waves were massive. So we’re all standing there by the shore like “…there is no way this is going to happen. We’re going to get tipped the second we get out there.” Plus it would’ve been literally impossible to paddle against that stuff. So PR decided to do the challenge first. That was another different thing about this campout. We’ve always had it around the campfire and as soon as it’s done the girls run to the bus. This time because of the wind, we couldn’t have a fire until way later so we just had the challenge in the pavilion. Anyway, so we had the challenge and then walked back out to the lake and the waves had calmed down somewhat. They were still way big, though. I got paired up with Daniel Leedy for the first race and we got 2nd. (There were only 3 canoes going in each race, though. but hey! we didn’t get last. :p) So on the way out we didn’t have to do a ton of effort because the waves were going with us but as soon as we turned the corner to come back, we were suddenly going against the waves and we were like “ERGGGGH!” and yeah. good times. haha. I got paired up with Christian Walker for my second race and we got 1st in that race, and over the whole night we got 3rd place πŸ™‚ I know Heidi and Jesse got 2nd for the whole night but I forget who got 1st…? Anyway. It was definitely eventful. lol.

Later after the canoe race, we all got smores and sat around the campfire and talked. Mr. Jones and I were talking about setting Christmas trees on fire and many other pyromaniac things. lol. He told me (random story) that he was framing for this house and the closet for the master bedroom had 3 bathrooms in it. I was like “Dude I don’t even have 3 bathrooms in my whole house!” and he was like “They have at least 15 bathrooms over the whole house.”Β  lol. Crazy people. :p

I have to go get ready for teen club but there are pics below! Some of ’em have captions so you have explanations πŸ˜‰ haha. I’ll post about Florida probably tomorrow sometime! peace ❀

6 responses to “Campout!”

  1. Tori Wiginton says :

    ummmmmm how do I get pics off of here on to facebook? am I dumb or can you not do that? πŸ™‚
    and BTW, Abi, you crack me up soooooooo badly!!!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. abiwillis says :

    Okay, I have a Mac…so this may only work for me BUT I’m pretty sure y’all have an ALT key on your keyboards, right? Hold down ALT and click the picture. (Be on the picture. Like, go to each picture individually. Don’t be looking at the whole gallery.) It should either automatically download to your computer, or just pop up a big list of things for you to do…on which will be the option to save to your computer.

    and if you don’t have an ALT key use your control key. (do you have that? lol.) and click the picture. if neither of those work….ask Clay. He probably knows. haha.

    haha thanks πŸ˜‰ ❀

  3. abiwillis says :

    Tori!! Do you have a game tonight? I know you told me you did, but I have this fear that we’re gonna show up and no one’s gonna be there. So is it for sure on? I suppose I could call you…haha. but if you see this, tell me. πŸ™‚

  4. em says :

    oh yea! okay, so tori i haven’t been able to make any of your games because we’ve been in michigan for the past two weeks, lol… and this friday it says you have a game but we will be in georgia *sighs* lol so do you have playoffs? if so i would love to come to one of them! when are they?!(:

  5. em says :

    aw dang… i should have… 😦 our flight came in yesterday though, and (it’s an incredibly long story! haha) but the night before we had spent the night at the airport IT WAS TERRIBLE!!!!! but anyways… i wouldve been too tired anyways.. :/ that stinks though! sorry… tori when are you playoffs ?

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