he’s all gwaduwated.

I’m half-sad, half-happy. Andrew graduated with his bachelors degree on Saturday! He’s an official airplane mechanic and has had like 40 fancy sounding titles bestowed on him. But the sad part is he’s moving away in 2 weeks from Friday. 😦 We won’t see him again until Thanksgiving or maybe Christmas (he has to choose one or the other.) so I’m in denial.

I wanted to post about my childhood. In a sort of sentimental, reminiscing (I SPELLED THAT RIGHT ON THE FIRST TRY! YEAH!) way. But I promise I won’t cry. *straightens up.

My childhood is full of all kinds of memories, just like everyone else’s. But mine is unique..just like everyone else’s. Yeah. Anyway. When I was a child, we had this swing that was attached to a tree in our yard… well, let me do a back story. So we went to this park and we were swinging on the swings (This was when I was like 7.) and one of us mentioned that we wish we had swings at our house. So being the Willis’ that we are, we decided to go one step farther. We have this huge tree behind our shed and it had a super high branch..like..60 feet up. so we took a 5 pound weight, tied it to the rope we wanted to use for our swing and Andrew launched it into the air in an attempt to get it over the branch. Needless to say, it took us about 45 tries to get it over but we finally got a rope over the branch and we tie it this piece of wood. Here: and here’s the awesome tree: I tried 2 different things to rotate that and it won’t. so you’re gonna have to turn your head. it’s the big tree RIGHT behind the shed. should be fairly obvious. so anyway, now we had this swing. this swing was AMAZING. We could fly over our woods and go launching back way over the top of our driveway. It was huge. And the first few times we each rode on it we were scared beyond comprehension. Like the kind of scared where you scream because you’re so terrified your brain stops functioning to prevent having a heart attack. And then we got used to it and it was just AWESOME. There was so much you could do with this swing. It was perfect for calm rides and it was like having a rollercoaster in your back yard. We had the Wartaks over for dinner one night, though, and Seth was riding on the swing and we forgot to tell him that if you aimed wrong you sometimes smacked into the shed instead of going over the driveway.. (minor details, minor details).. so he was just up there having the time of his life and then WHAM! he smacked really hard into the side of the shed and was in major pain for the rest of the night. See what we did when that happened is put our feet out to bounce off the shed…but then again we were professionals at this thing. 😉 you should’ve seen the injuries we had from the first few trial runs of it. heehee. So I think Kaylene rode on this swing…she must have because I know I had her over during the years it worked. So now the sad news starts. About 3 years ago I started noticing that the branch our beloved swing was on was kind of wearing away at the point where the rope was, so I told dad and he was like “oh yeah…y’all shouldn’t use the swing anymore.” cuz I mean, if it were to break while we were over the woods, we’d fall like 30 feet into trees. and inevitably break every bone in our bodies. So I was like heartbroken, cuz that’s my swing! so anyway, it sat there for a year or so and then we decided it could be used on my nephews and nieces (the small ones) to have short regular boring swing rides. so while this was happening, the swing got caught in another tree that’s right by our shed. (Actually in the picture above of the swing close up, it’s stuck in that tree.) And the tree that it got stuck in has no branches…and the swing’s pretty high in it. So there’s no chance of climbing up there and freeing it. So our swing has seen it’s last. 😦 But I’ll never forget the amazing times I had on that thing.

500 Rummy is another one of those childhood memories. Idk if y’all have ever played Rummy…but it’s a card game. And I could explain it to you or you could take my word for it that it’s super awesome. A person gets an average of 20 points every round..and a round takes about 10 minutes…so playing 500 Rummy (you win by getting to 500 points) takes determination. haha. I think Andrew, Ben and I only got through about 10 rounds in our childhood where we actually finished. Most of the time we got to around 350 and decided to call it a game. lol.

2 square! Yeah, we had good times with this one. When we first moved to our house, we had one of those neighbors. The kind that will find something wrong with EVERYTHING you do. and I do mean everything. We didn’t mow one small part of land and he called a surveyor out to prove that we owned that land and should henceforth mow it. He hated our dogs with a burning passion. He forbid me and Ben from climbing a tree that was on the line of our property and his EVEN THOUGH IT WAS LIKE THE PERFECTEST CLIMBING TREE EVER. (not bitter…). and yeah. he moved away a couple years ago and our life has been wonderfully grand but this does have a point. I promise. So anyway, our culdesac. Most of you have been to my house…but some of you haven’t, so here’s a pic of my culdesac. this is my wonderful yard. but right up in front of those 2 mailboxes at the top of my yard is our loverly culdesac. AHA! cough. I found another better picture. just ignore the 3 idiots at the front of it. hee. So the whole point of this is..look at the back of that picture. The white lines. This actually does have something to do with my obnoxious ex-neighbor. Just keep reading. If any of you have actually made it this far. If you have, you have a very special place in my heart. So we love playing 2 square, but we had to keep drawing our square on with chalk every time it rained. And we had to measure it all out and and it was super annoying. So we decided to paint it on. And so we’re out there with stencils and measuring tape and white spray paint and our neighbor comes out and looks at us and just stands there watching us and we’re like “please don’t say anything please don’t say anything” and he didn’t say anything. yay. so that box has been up there for about 7-8 years now 🙂 good times.

Okay. I could go on and on but the point is…I had the awesomest childhood ever. And I wish I could do it all over again. I don’t want my brother to move out and my other brother to start college but sadly life goes on. And whenever they come home on Christmas breaks, I’m dragging them out to the 2 square box. muahaha.

Thanks for reading. Sorry I haven’t posted for a week.

live fearless.

P.S. Grad pics! woo!

6 responses to “he’s all gwaduwated.”

  1. Rainbow says :

    Awwwww, this is so sweet! ❤ Your childhood sounds amazing. And fun. And adventurous, something you'd never experience having a sister one year younger than you and living in a high-rise building all your life ;D (Though, well, China is different.)

    I'm sorry Andrew is moving away and Ben is starting college! That's life, y'know… and you'll be going to college soon too so that'll be fun, WON'T IT! How exciting.

    Also… I LOVE SWINGS. (I know this comment is all over the place but bear with me xD) POOR SWING THAT DIED. And poor Abi.


  2. heidi says :

    I’M THE FIRST COMMENTOR. commentator?

    i loved that post!! it made me sad and happy and laugh and i read the whole thing. 😀 yay me.

    • abiwillis says :

      not to be johnny raincloud here but rainbow commented first. 😉
      THANK YOU for reading the whole post guys. that hits me right here *pats heart*. haha.

      yay i have a subscriber! woo.

  3. heidi says :

    k.. now i’m just subscribing to the site.

  4. Rainbow says :


  5. em says :

    i remember that swing!! oh my word i remember coming over and thinking it was like the awesomest thing ever (; good times haha

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