Day 24 – A picture of something you wish you could change.

OKAY. I am so sorry. Let me explain to you my computer situation.

We have one eMac (the old dinosaur version of an iMac.) and you can’t do more than 2 things on it before it freezes. I only get on there when I need to download some old pictures and that’s the only computer they’re on. And to check my madre’s email. Which is rare. SO. It’s impossible to post from that computer.

Andrew has a MacBook but he’s hardly ever home. He gets home at around midnight and leaves at around 7 in the morning. And I wake up at 9. So I only see him once or twice a week and I never see his laptop. haha.

Ben has a MacBook Pro which is what I am currently typing on. On weeks when Ben doesn’t work a lot, he’s home and he’s always on his computer doing school and reading articles and watching stuff. So when he’s home, I don’t get to use the laptop. I mean, I could ask for it…but it’s his laptop. So I only ask for it when I need it. And I don’t get on a computer before 3, and most of the time Ben works from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then he comes home. So even on days he works, I don’t get an opportunity with the computer.

And then there’s my iPod Touch which is what I use to get on Twitter and all that, but I can’t post from that. I tried once. It takes like a hour and I still can’t upload pictures. So my window of blog posting opportunity is usually Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights cuz Ben works from 4 p.m- 11 p.m. How I manage to post on other days is by doing what I’m doing now. Running into his room while he’s doing something else and opening like 20 tabs and trying to get everything done on the computer that I need to get done. haha. So when I don’t post, it usually means Ben’s not working too much that week. 😉

So that’s my situation. I really do try to post every day. haha.

okay. with all that being said. I CAN’T THINK OF SOMETHING FOR THIS POST.

The things I want to change…abortion, hunger and all that. But there’s no way you can picture that. So I decided to go w/ something that’s not that deep. It’s actually rather shallow. haha.

The price of an iPad. Cmon, EVERYONE WANTS AN IPAD! You know you do. I wish they cost less so I could buy one.

(and I shall try to post tomorrow. fingers crossed.)

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