Day 23 – A picture of your favorite book.

Sorry this picture isn’t the best. I found it on google. I thought about getting my copy of the series out and taking a picture of it but it would’ve taken forever. haha. especially because they’re spread all over the house cuz everyone’s always reading at least one book. It’s a family favorite.

It’s the Left Behind series. 😀 This picture has them going backwards…the first book is on the far right, and they go

1. Left Behind

2. Tribulation Force

3. Nicolae (name of the antichrist in the books)

4. Soul Harvest

5. Assassins

6. Apollyon

7. The Indwelling

8. The Mark

9. Desecration

10. The Remnant

11. Armageddon

12. Glorious Appearing

It’s an amazing series. There are two more books after the series. One’s called Kingdom Come. We don’t own it but I got it from the library and another one they wrote afterwards, but it’s about the antichrist growing up. anyway. I actually have to go because we’re about to have devotions but I could go on and on about how amazing this series is and HOW YOU SHOULD READ IT. hint hint. It’s about the tribulation (duh.) and it teaches you so much about the end of times. and it’s super interesting. read it.

3 responses to “Day 23 – A picture of your favorite book.”

  1. em says :

    AHHH THAT SERIES IS SO GOOD! … i think! haha i’ve only read like 2 of them. *hands head in shame

  2. heidi says :

    shall some time. 🙂

  3. abiwillis says :

    haha em. I have them. But I never see you. I’m sure they’re at the library.

    uh-huh, heidi. I’m getting to where I don’t believe you. 😉

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