Day 11.

Day 11 – A picture of something you hate

This picture is probably the lamest way to portray this…but. HOT WEATHER SUCKS. I hate it with a passion. And I’m not one of those people who’s like “Well, hot weather is okay if it’s not too humid.”

Nah, I just hate hot weather. And the humidity. But I mean, even humidity isn’t AWFUL if it’s not 90 degrees outside. Anyway. I hibernate in the summer. I sit in my room and close all the curtains and put blankets over them (really. I do this. promise.) and I turn on the air and turn my fans on and sit there and dream of winter. I hate hot weather. fact of life. 

3 responses to “Day 11.”

  1. Tori Wiginton says :

    Clay says:
    “first of all your retarded… but wait there’s more… secondly you’re an idiot…… thirdly there goes half of your life and fourthly you can be a vampire if you want to, but I’m gonna get out and get some sun! Sincerely,

  2. heidi says :

    clayton can go die. YAY FOR COLD WEATHER.

  3. abiwillis says :

    hahaha. it made me laugh.
    thanks heidi.

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