Day 1.

Day 1 – A picture of yourself with ten facts.

So I personally think the whole “A picture of yourself” thing is kind of vain. And this is actually the only picture I have that is just of me. ANYWAY. Ten facts. I’ll try to make them facts that you don’t know about me. Here goes. Hope I don’t bore you.

1. I love to cook. Not bake, cook. Like, dinners and stuff like that. I’m not really informed on tons of food and all that stuff, but I’m definitely heading towards a culinary arts degree. Except I heard they just made it a 2-year degree…so maybe I’ll just take classes. But yeah. Thanksgiving Day is heaven for me. I love running around putting like 12 different dishes together.

2. I hate coffee. This one you guys probably actually already know. But that’s okay. It sucks. It’s like most coffee lovers out there are like “I love coffee!” and then they take their cup of black coffee and pour like a whole gallon of sugar into it and like 400 of those tiny little cups of creamer and stir it up and the coffee’s this light beige, and I’m just like “Whoaly. There is no way on earth you love coffee. You’re addicted to SUGAR.” And anyway. It’s bad for you. It tastes like dirt unless you add tons of stuff. It smells awful. And yeah “BUT I NEED MY CAFFEINE!” They have this cool thing now called “5 Hour Energy”. My sister SWEARS on it. And she homeschools 7 kids, plus takes them to soccer, lessons and pretty much everything. So. I think the whole world should make the switch. 😉 I just don’t like coffee. And the people who walk around with pretty much IVs of it going into their arms kind of annoy me. (Sorry, Abby.) Coffee rant over. 😉

3. I love Grammar. I’m not the person who will correct you when you say “So me and — were doing this yesterday” and say “UM, EXCUSE ME, I THINK YOU MEAN ‘— and I!'”..yeah, those people irk me too. But I love it. It’s awesome.

4. I’m not really all that into shopping. Some people love to spend all day going to stores and shopping, but I’m like “Okay, today is shopping day. Let’s get this over with as QUICKLY as humanly possible and try to make it home alive.” I think that’s why I’m a decisive shopper. I just want it to be over with. I love Christmas shopping, cuz I love to buy stuff for pretty much everyone I know..and I love packaging it..but when it comes to buying stuff for me, I just want the torture to end. (Except shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is okay in mild proportions.)

5. I am *not* in ANY sense of the term a ‘neat freak’. I wish I were, but I’m not. And you can figure that one out by looking at my room. It’s like “A place for everything and everything all over the place.” Everything HAS a place, but only on rare occasions is it actually there. My room is seriously a WRECK. always. And it really doesn’t bother me. I have to step over stuff and move stuff when I want to use my dresser, sleep in my bed, use my desk, open my closet..but it’s just kind of a part of life. I try to clean my room and it gets messy within a day. But yeah. Not a neat freak.

6. I don’t know what the official word is, and I’m scared to google it because I’m afraid pictures will pop up, but I AM DEATHLY FREAKING TERRIFIED OF BUGS. Dad is actually convinced I could be literally diagnosed with the legit phobia. But once again, not googling it because what if images pop up. If I see a bug, it doesn’t matter what size, my heart literally jumps through the roof and I scream. bloody. flipping. murder. Like, screams so loud my dog runs into the other room and literally hides under the bed. And it’s not just like “Oh look at me, I’m screaming, how typical.” I’m seriously like terrified. And then I scream “SOMEBODYY GET A SHOOOE!” and then I flee to whatever place I feel is safe, and one of my rolling-eyes family members walks into the room and takes care of the situation. And for the next (literally) 2 or 3 hours, everytime something touches me I jump and think it’s a bug. Ladybugs are the only exception to this whole thing. Which is why I don’t freak out every Sunday in choir.

7. I say coke. Not pop. Not soda. Coke. Everything is Coke. When referring to specific beverages such as Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Diet Coke, etc…I SAY the names. But never will I say soda or pop. Especially pop. If you say pop, I will stare you down.

8. I hate pencils. I know, retarded. But I use them only when they are forced upon me.

9. I hate chocolates that come in those Valentine hearts. Or in boxes. Like individual chocolate things…you know? I can’t think of the name of it. I love chocolate, but it has to be like a chocolate bar.

10. And lastly…my dream is to go to every state in the U.S.A. and see at least it’s most famous landmark. I’ve only made it to like 16 states so far. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska. HEY! 17! That’s news to me. Anyway. 17 down, 33 to go. And I still need to probably revisit some of those 17 and spend more time in them. For instance, I only saw like a tiny bit of Ohio because I was trapped in Camp Peniel all week..but yeah. Anyway.

so. may you leave my blog feeling satisfied that you know more about me. 😉 vain. anyway. bye. come back tomorrow.

5 responses to “Day 1.”

  1. Tori Wiginton says :

    ok I’m SOOOO with you on #4. I hate shopping except for other people or for shoes (or coats) ;). #6 cracks me up… I love how you say “Ladybugs are the only exception to this whole thing. Which is why I don’t freak out every Sunday in choir.” without any explanation to those who aren’t in 7th-9th choir… for all they know we might walk in and Jason have a brought a HUGE ladybug picture with him and have us dance around it holding hands (while having one of us stand at the door making sure no one comes in and sees the guys and girls holding hands). Or it could be that Jason likes to wear his ladybug suit to practice. It’s bright red with black dots all over it…. and he has a hat that has antenna coming out from it…. anyway….
    I’m with you on #7… pop? really? Let’s all run around in circles and sing as we pop our heads up in unison and chant “pop! Pop! POP!” really?

  2. abiwillis says :

    That made me laugh so SO hard. hahahahahahahaha. *Abi walks into choir* *Jason is in ladybug suit* me: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BUGGGGGGG!!! SOMEBODY GET A SHOE!” hahahahahaha.. oh. good times. lol.

  3. Rainbow says :

    My parents drink black coffee. Does that mean they’re true coffee lovers? :3

  4. Rainbow says :

    OH. And I hate ladybugs ;-;

  5. abiwillis says :

    yes. your parents are good. haha.

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