I wuv it.

I’ve wanted a guitar for years now. I wanted an instrument that I could 1. Take places fairly easy. Which excludes cello and harp. 2. I didn’t want it to be a mouth instrument. I tried flute once. A long time ago. I literally gave it my best. And I hated it. Really and truly. So that kind of put out any brass instruments, flute, clarinet…yeah. 3. As weird as it is, I never wanted to play violin. I tried that once, too. It just didn’t feel right. Which I guess sounds retarded. But. Anyway.

So I went through all the instruments I could think of, and I *really* wanted to learn a new instrument besides piano. After everything I finally came to guitar. It’s easy to carry around and it doesn’t involve having beast lungs.

So after looking around for about a long time, we finally found one. And it was perfect. And now it is mine. 🙂

I practice it hours every day. I taught myself to play piano just by sitting there half an hour a day for years, so I’m gonna take that approach to this. 🙂 I watch videos of these people being BEAST at guitar and I can not WAIT until I can change chords that fast. haha. But seriously. I am so grateful and so glad I can finally learn to play! 😀

dream out loud. ♥

One response to “I wuv it.”

  1. Tori Wiginton says :

    sick nasty dog! 😉 haha that’s awesome Abi. stick with it girl!

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