Something I’ve never understood…

I don’t know about you guys, but there is one thing I’ve never understood, and probably never will. It’s this.

“Do the holidays have you down?” or “Are you experiencing Christmas depression?”

exCUSE me? The phrase ‘Christmas depression’ is like an oxymoron. Those 2 words never, I repeat never, belong in the same sentence. Like seriously, what in the world?

“Yeah..all of this joy and cheer and music and happiness and presents and pretty lights and great weather have really made me depressed..”

Yeah, no. I honestly do not even see how that’s a remote possibility. Christmas is the time when you’re supposed to be joyful and happy. If it starts to stress you out and frustrate you and make you depressed, maybe you’re overthinking it too much. Maybe you’re buying presents for one too many people. Maybe you’ve had a lee-tle too much eggnog. Whatever the case is, it ain’t Christmas. It’s you. So please, all of you stupid commercials on tv that speak of the sadness and depression of Christmas, find something else to advertise about. Because this is seriously the most awesome, joyous time of year. And you kind of ruin it with your mono-tone, sad, quiet commercials telling us what to do when we inevitably become depressed with the season.

This was a totally random most of mine are. But I was watching a football game with my padre, and this lady popped on the tv and was like “Are you currently experiencing depression because of the holiday season?” and then continued to tell us what we could do to prevent it.

You wanna know what you can do to prevent it?

Go listen to Frosty the Snowman. I’m not even kidding. That’s like my favorite song to listen to during the Christmas season. haha. Don’t ask why, because I don’t even know.

Okay. So that’s my lame post about the impossibility of Christmas depression. And if you hear someone saying something about it, go up to their face and flash them a huge smile and say “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

It might work.

live fearless. ☆

4 responses to “Something I’ve never understood…”

  1. em says :

    you need to post about getting your permit 😀 beast! i CANT WAIT to get mine in three months 😀

  2. em says :

    lol i have no idea why i put that. i’m just super bored and in one of those overly random moods. you definitely need to post honey 😛 haha cant wait to see u again AHHH i’m excited!

  3. em says :

    honey, you need to post. just saying. 😛 lol wow i feel so stupid posting three freaking comments lol

  4. Heidi says :

    haha. i experienced christmas depression.. but i know it was just me. but i really did have a sorta awful christmas haha. this is gonna turn into a postment.
    nothing about christmas was making me feel christmassy.. no christmas carols, shopping, studying the birth of Christ… i just couldn’t get into it. then on christmas day my sisters were gone.. and we couldn’t talk to heather cuz skype was down, but she had had a terrible christmas full of walking a mile through the rain and getting a horrid cold. then my mom had an awful cough so bad that she got the flu christmas night.. then she gave it to me. soo… hoping next year will be better i guessh.

    ha. excuse the longness.

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